Why all the hype about hemp beauty?

Why all the hype about hemp beauty?


Two of the most sought-after ingredients in beauty right now are hemp seed and CBD. Note – we say ‘and’ because they’re not the same thing. This is an important to distinction to make as the terms are often used interchangeably. Touted in everything from therapeutic products to supplements, it’s the buzzed-about ingredient of 2021. But here, we’re talking about its function in beauty products specifically.

First things first – decoding the lingo

The global market for hemp products has been growing year on year since 2012, with 654 new hemp retail products launched in 2018 (Mintel, 2018). While it has somewhat ‘naughty’ connotations, hemp is a very misunderstood ingredient.

Since they share the same species name, hemp seed oil and CBD oil are often grouped together, which understandably creates confusion. CBD is derived from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant, while hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed extract from the seeds of the plant (think of it the same way you would jojoba seed oil or olive oil).

New Zealand gets in on hemp seed

Hemp seed oil is brimming with beautifying benefits, hence its growing popularity in skincare. One brand that’s recognised its skin-loving prowess is AFT Pharmaceuticals, which have developed a New Zealand made skincare range, aptly named Hemptuary.

Locally made from 100 percent natural ingredients, the nutrient-rich range harnesses the best of nature to nurture the skin. The gender-neutral collection is also pH balanced and free of GMOs, parabens, silicone, sulphates and harsh chemicals.

Enriched with organic hemp seed oil, the range comprises three products: Hemp Soothing Balm, Hemp Nourishing Face & Body Oil and Hemp Infused Moisturiser. Naturally rich in vitamins A and E and omegas 3 and 6, the products gently calm, hydrate and revitalise even the most sensitive of skin.

What sets Hemptuary a cut above is its commitment to sustainability. The entire range is made in New Zealand with 90 percent recyclable packaging, the only exception being the bottle dropper and the jar lid, which is UV-coated to maintain integrity and potency.

“We are pleased to launch a product range that meets consumer demand for responsibly made products, which deliver results while being considerate of their environmental footprint,” says Hartley Atkinson, founder and CEO of AFT Pharmaceuticals.

The benefits

With an impressive and ever-growing number of studies, the known benefits of the multi-tasking ingredient continue to rise. Below we breakdown the key benefits of hemp seed oil, as well as other hero ingredients in the Hemptuary range.

Locks in hydration: High in omega acids, hemp seed oil helps repair the skin barrier by forming a seal to keep moisture trapped inside. It’s also a natural humectant, which means it draws moisture into the skin.

A powerful anti-inflammatory: Those same omega acids also help reduce inflammation in the skin, while soothing and calming any irritation. If you struggle with recurring inflammation, like redness or rashes, products with hemp seed oil could help to alleviate these common skin issues.

Regulates oil production: Hemp seed oil has also been found to help modulate the skin’s oil production, which makes it great for those with acne-prone or overly oily skin.

To supercharge the benefits, you’ll also find other proven powerhouse ingredients within the range. The intensive Hemp Balm features calendula and manuka oil to relieve irritation, while the lightweight Face & Body Oil is also infused with manuka oil, sea buckthorn and avocado oil, to gently calm, nourish and boost the complexion.

An original article from Remix Magazine.

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