AFT Pharmaceuticals - Who are we?

AFT Pharmaceuticals - Who are we?

Alex Jefferson (NZ)

Our AFT Shop is owned and operated by AFT Pharmaceuticals.

Here we continue to implement our guiding principle of working to improve your health by delivering pharmaceuticals that make a real difference to people’s well-being.

Back in 1997, husband and wife Dr Hartley and Marree Atkinson started AFT Pharmaceuticals from their home garage in beautiful New Zealand.

Today AFT Pharmaceuticals is a leading Australasian health business that develops, licenses, and distributes a diverse and innovative range of products globally, all guided by a principle of working to improve the health of those in need and those seeking to make a meaningful difference to their wellbeing.

We do this by seeing opportunities that others may have missed, and by filling gaps in the market with innovative products that can provide positive health outcomes for those who need them.

Our success is built on research and development. R&D is more than ‘corporate speak’ for us: it’s at the heart of what we do in developing new products or improving existing ones. This has allowed us to successfully grow our business year after year, and crucially, to meet the health needs of people in Australasia and around the globe.

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